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Continuing our series on Surviving winter cycling, the most important part of your gear has got to be a long-sleeved cycling jersey of some kind. This should be something specifically made for winter riding, not just with long sleeves but with some more serious insulation – polyester thermopile or similar. As we said in the main article, if you want to stay warm even in minus temperatures you HAVE to keep your “core” warm. Nope, not your head, that’s pretty much a myth, what will make any winter ride really miserable is the cold wind beating against your chest, stomach and arms, cooling your whole body down. I once went out dressed too lightly and had to stick a plastic bag I found by the road onto my chest to stop myself going hypothermic on the descent.

Anything down to about zero I am personally happy with wearing a long-sleeved jersey over a thinner short-sleeved jersey, though some will no doubt already be looking at a long-sleeve jersey underneath too, or even a full-on thermal layer – as we talked about in the main article, you have to find what is comfortable for you.

When you’re looking at winter jerseys you want to make sure it has as high a neck as possible, and I would also not get one without back pockets as I keep a lot of junk┬ánecessary stuff in there when I ride. Here’s another tip – get a dark-coloured jersey. Yes, you will be less visible, not good in winter, so you might want to put on some kind of reflective bands or vest over the top, but the dark colour will show up the dirt a lot less! The fact is, in winter you are going to get sprayed with water a lot more, and the grease and crud in the water/slush off the road (ewww) can leave permanent spotting on your clothing. Been there done that.

Prices: well, this is probably one of those pay-for-what-you-get deals, with prices ranging from $20 (that won’t keep you warm) to pushing $200 (which darn’ well BETTER keep you warm for that money!). Personally I have some Northwave gear and find it’s very good bang for the buck/pound/euro.

One more thing, don’t go for too tight a fit – remember that you will need to wear this over one or more layers.

Choose the right clothing to keep your core warm and you’ll be able to take anything mother nature can throw at you this winter!