I’m Mark, a keen (OK, slightly obsessed) mountain-biker and wearer of SPD shoes for around 3 seasons now!

I dabble in a bit of website-building too, and recently decided to put together a little website about SPD shoes!

I know when I decided to ‘go clipless’ I just couldn’t find one single place online that clearly explained what SPD shoes and SPD pedals were, how they related to other systems out there, what the compatibility issues were, why choose SPD over other systems, and so on. So the plan is to make this site into just such a place.

So I started up this site with the aim of building it into the best possible online resource about… SPD shoes! Nothing bombastic, nothing fancy straight out of the gate, just a little project I plan to build on in the coming period, starting from the ground up – from the bare bones of a site. Stick around and watch it grow, and I hope it helps you!